Saturday, 27 August 2016

Treat People With Kindness And Respect Nonetheless

When you treat others better than they treat you by showing mercy, patience, compassion and forgiveness for the sake of Allah, wallah you'll feel a light within your heart and happiness.

Many times you may witness how your display of manners actually caused someone else to take a step back and reevaluate how they're treating you. It's easy for a debate or argument to continue if two people are looking for it, but once someone oppressed another with words many times its best to just remain silent because remaining patient and controlling your anger is the best way to fight back against shaytan.

Treat everyone with kindness and respect, even the stranger who rings you through at the till of a grocery store. A small smile goes a long way, having genuine concern over a stranger or someone in your life makes a huge difference and increases love amongst us.

Be mindful of others, try to put yourself in their shoes with their tests and their life. Reflect on the problems others face and try to find a way to help them. Be of service for the sake of Allah Azzawajal. The more mindful you are of others the more that you'll forget about your own problems and find contentment in your heart trying to help them.

Don't let anyone affect your mood, it's a forgotten Sunnah to actually maintain a strong composure and not allow others to affect you negatively. Don't give others the fight they seek, don't give others the ability to make you feel horrible or put you down just because the condition of their own heart has problems.

By living your life in this manner and paying attention to the results you'll soon see that even the rudest people will have no affect on you. You won't get angry, you won't spend half the day on fire thinking about what someone else did to hurt you.

Our reward is with Allah Azzawajal, when you try to please the people and they mistreat you it's easy to get upset, but when your intention is for Allah and not for your own desires, interests or wishes then you'll see that you've broken free from need and want of this dunya.

When all you want to do is please Allah, treating others well becomes easy because because you seek your reward from Allah.